In order to recognise an enlarged thyroid or a nodule, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) recommends the so-called Neck Check.11

The test is simple and can be performed almost any time: you only need a hand-held mirror and a glass of water.

  • Hold the mirror so that you can see the area below your Adam’s apple.
  • Lean your head back while focusing on this area where the thyroid is situated.
  • Take a sip of water and swallow.
  • While swallowing, observe whether swelling occurs in the area of the neck where the thyroid is situated.

Attention: Do not confuse the natural movement of your Adam’s apple (when swallowing) with your thyroid. If necessary, repeat the Neck Check several times. Whenever you think there may be a thyroid mutation or are uncertain, you should consult a physician in order to have a precise diagnosis made


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