If you are diagnosed as being hypothyroid, the missing thyroid hormones will be substituted by T4 replacement. You will be given levothyroxine, a synthetic thyroxine that works exactly like the thyroid hormone produced by your thyroid7. If your hypothyroidism results from too little iodine in your diet, you will be given iodine supplements.

Hypothyroidism cannot be cured. It needs lifelong treatment!

Regular check-ups will assure that you get the right amount of thyroid hormone. Your risk of a heart attack, heart failure or atherosclerosis will be reduced. If you were having heart problems before, the correction of the thyroid disorder is vital to avoid the worsening of your heart disease and to reduce the risk of death.

Who is at risk?

  • Women are generally prone to develop hypothyroidism, but especially during puberty, first menstruation, pregnancy, within the first six months after giving birth, and during menopause7
  • The elderly generation7
  • People that have relatives with autoimmune thyroid disorders7
  • People with autoimmune disease such as type 1 diabetes or rheumatism7
  • People with manic-depression7
  • Patients after radiation treatment7
  • The Caucasian (white) and Asian population.7