Thyroid Federation International celebrates her 25th anniversary in 2020.
Due to COVID-19 (Corona virus) we are not able to celebrate in the way we had thought.
The webinars that we have now, will add a new dimension to TFI and to the information we have available on our websites.

Anniversary Webinar on May 25th 2020

Here is the link with full guidance on how to get connected
2020 International Thyroid Awareness week and World Thyroid Day Webinar on May 25th, 2020

Topic: Two Lumps: One Above, the Other Below.

Two Lumps: One Above, the Other Below” to indicate a goitrous thyroid and and its effect on pregnancy, centered on iodine metabolism and its effect on fetal brain development

Speaker: Dr Teofilo San Luis Jr
Head of Nuclear Medicine, Quezon, Philippines, Member Iodine Global Network, Vice President Asian and Oceanic Thyroid Association

The webinar will be made available to watch later on our website and on the TFI YouTube account.

At what time on May 25th, 2020?

  • 1 PM UK / Nigeria
  • 2 PM Germany/France/Ghana
  • 3 PM Finland /Bulgaria/ Kenya
  • 5:15 PM Nepal
  • 5:30 PM New Delhi, India
  • 8 PM Phillipines/ Beijing, China
  • 10 PM Sydney, Australia
  • 8 AM New York, USA/Toronto, Canada
  • 9 AM Brazil

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